Xander Victory Web Designer, Frontend Developer & Geek

Ngala Health TrackerView Project

Role: Project Manager / Javascript Programmer
Purpose: Create an online self help assessment tool (working prototype)

This project was completed for the Industry Project unit at Edith Cowan University. It was completed by my team and I for the Ngala group, from the initial client meeting until completion. We were required to produce a working prototype.
Below follows the brief used to develop this project, as presented to the client.

The product will present itself to its users in the form of a survey style questionnaire broken down into five sections; emotional health, diet, sleep, physical activity and social. At the end of each section the tool will present the user with a motivational message based on their calculated self-care score. At this point the user will also be provided with links to some practical advice and other further information which is relevant to the user's characteristics (gender, life-stage and strengths/weaknesses in self-care).

The user will not be required to complete the topics in any particular order, and may choose to only focus on one section – as time constraints involved in parenting may restrict the amount of time a user has to spend using such a tool. The tool must cater to this, by allowing a user to only complete one section, even on subsequent visits, and also by reminding a user that there are other sections and gently encouraging them to complete them.