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Niharika SenapatiView Project

Role: Programmer / Interaction Designer
Purpose: Create an online dance portfolio website for Niharika Senapati

This project was a group assignment for Project Management Methodologies, in which each group was assigned a dancer from WAAPA to build a portfolio website for. The assessment for this project was focused on the Project Management side of things, with only a relatively small amount of marks dedicated to the finished product.

In this project, I was responsible for coding the CMS (frontend and backend), integrating the designer's template into the CMS, modifying the template to work in all browsers, and the image/video galleries, including the associated User Interface Design for both galleries.

I also produced the text of the logo from the client's own handwriting by scanning it and making it into a vector graphic.

The backend created for this project allows the client to:

Thumbnails for the image gallery are automatically generated by a php script on access if they do not already exist and are stored for later use. The Video gallery uses a youtube feed (The version linked to on ECU's studentprojects server uses the ECU channel as an example as the client did not supply any videos).