Xander Victory Web Designer, Frontend Developer & Geek


Hey there, my name is Alexander Victory, or Xander for short, and I am a Web Designer / Frontened Developer. I have been playing with websites for many years now and I studied a Bachelor of Science (Digital Media) and currently work as a Web Designer.

I enjoy just about any type of digital art, and as such have various experiences in graphic design, illustration, photography, and interactive media design. I also enjoy programming, having skills in both web and traditional languages.

Career Objectives

Being a very hands-on person with a wide range of skills in a variety of digital design disciplines, I strongly enjoy creating and coding web interfaces that are elegant and intuitive. I'm keen to further my skills in this regard as well as the "making things pretty" side of design; I love learning new skills, and honing existing ones. Responsive/adaptive layouts are an area I would love to specialise in.