Xander Victory Web Designer, Frontend Developer & Geek

MythWeb Redesign

Role: Designer
Purpose: Create a clean and responsive design for MythTV's MythWeb interface

This project is a work in progress, currently focusing more on UX than look/feel

For my TV recording I use a program called MythTV, mainly using MythWeb to schedule the recordings. I find the default theme to be ugly. So I set about making one to my tastes, making sure it works on my Phone and Tablet, as the current one needs a lot of panning and zooming.

As can be easily seen I decided to use Bootstrap to make it a bit easier to start off with. What can't be seen however is that due to the strange templating system used by the default theme, I decided to implement my theme using HTML Templat Sigma, to make future designers' jobs easier, by separating the PHP from the HTML